It all starts with the sound-

Wolgemut performs historical music on original instruments such as the medieval bagpipes, shawms and bombastic drums as well as quiet instruments like the flute, medieval fiddle and harp.

A little history-

Founded in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has performed throughout the United States and Europe since 1997.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality entertainment guaranteed to leave the audience "in a good mood", which happens to be the translation of Wolgemut!


Here is where we've performed-

Past performances in the United States include concerts throughout the Southwest and Hawaii and performances at the Southern California Pleasure Faire, Sterling Renaissance Festival (New York), Texas Renaissance Festival, Maryland Renaissance Festival to name a few.

Wolgemut has also performed at many venues in Europe including the Stockholm Music Festival, The Visby Medieval Week (Gotland, Sweden), the International Medieval Theatre Festival (Camerino, Italy), the Hansa Festival (Hamburg, Germany) and the Rencontres de Saint-Chartier (Saint-Chartier, France).

The one and only, international 
minstrel’s troupe, known as...

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Micha (Michael H. Gartner)

Michael has a B.A. in Music as well as a graduate degree in musicology from the University of Leipzig, Germany where he learned to play a variety of shawms, Rauschpfeifen (wind capped shawms), bagpipes, flutes, medieval strings (such as the mandora and the fiddle) and percussion. 

Michael is the artistic director for Wolgemut which means he is the one responsible for making it all work.

It is rumored that he can also make an exceptional cup of coffee.

Klecka (Christopher Klecka)

Klecka is a veteran piper and  a product of the vibrant Houston bagpipe scene.  Performing on bagpipes great and small he enjoys adding that little bit of “umph” in the music and has been known to undress at the drop of a hat.

As soon as he provides more biographical information (other then the fact that he likes to play the bagpipe) we'll be sure to post it here!.

Jakob (Daniel Williams)

Daniel comes to Wolgemut with lots of percussion experience and a passion for history and music. He plays drums of all sorts as well as wind instruments so you may see him featured in both the drum section and winds.

Then again you may just see him taking a nap.

Albrecht (Michael Huebner)

Michael has been playing percussion instruments since he was 13 years old. In 2002 he received a B. A. in Jazz Percussion from the Temple University Esther Boyer College of Music.

Since then Michael has performed extensively with a variety of musicians and ensembles ranging from jazz trios and rock bands to traditional Irish and Eastern European influenced groups and has worked Renaissance festivals across the U.S. with Wolgemut.

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